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All about your battery.
From your home.


The reference application for monitoring your battery’s condition

Moba app

An everyday application


Now you don’t have to pay to check your battery regularly. With Moba, you can monitor your battery’s State of Health free of charge, thanks to the Moba Connect box.

Moba App

Your battery.
Your data.


One-click access to all the essential data on your traction battery.

Synchronise Moba regularly using the Moba Connect box, and keep your data up to date.The app Moba App guides you step-by-step through connecting your box.


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Moba App

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Boitier Moba Connect

Moba is used with the Moba Connect box.

The Moba Connect box plugs into your vehicle’s universal diagnostic socket. In this way, the application can interrogate the various sensors in your battery, by talking to the Battery Management System.