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Moba Certify Pro, the easiest way to diagnose an electric car’s battery


Moba Certify Pro is the first CARA Approved solution on the market.

Moba Certify Pro

The right solution for your busines.

A mobile app and OBDII box to diagnose any battery in 3 minutes, without training, whatever the brand.

A battery certificate including autonomies adjusted for different use cases, so you can sell an electric car quickly and easily.

A SaaS solution for accessing your certificates, managing your teams and consulting statistics on your electric vehicles.

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Multi-make diagnostic application, ultra-light OBDII box, battery certificate, adjusted autonomies, business SaaS…

The mobile app

For operators

Simple. Fast. No training required.

A mobile application, free to download from Google Play or the AppStore. Simple and intuitive, no special training or skills are required to use it: you’re guided step-by-step by tutorials specific to each EV, which include photos of the location of OBDII sockets, for example.

Moba Certify Pro
The OBDII device

Moba Connect Pro

Lightweight. Robust. Low-tech.

The Moba Connect Pro box weighs less than 50g, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Handy for on-site inspections!

Moba Certify Pro
The battery certificate

100% digital

Transparent. Reassuring.

The Moba battery certificate is a fully digital document that is linked to a unique URL. This means it can be easily included in an online ad to reassure customers right from the start of their purchasing process. By sharing this certificate, you can provide concrete proof of the quality of the product on offer.

Battery certificate
The business SaaS

Your dashboard

Simple. Practical.

The Moba Certify Pro solution integrates a SaaS Dashboard for easy access to certificate history, sorting and filtering. The webservice also provides access to detailed analytics, as well as the ability to organize teams and sites, for example to manage multi-billing.

Moba Certify Pro SaaS

Moba Certify Pro is the first “CARA Approved” battery diagnostics solution, certifying that the SOH provided by the Moba certificate is the same as the manufacturer’s SOH, which is the basis for the battery warranty.

CARA-Europe is the Car Remarketing Association Europe, which brings together all the European players in the industry: leasers, remarketers and distributors.

Download CARA Battery Health Check specifications

With Moba Certify Pro, we have chosen to restore the batteries’ state of health by referring to the OEM SOH calculated by the BMS. This is the only method that enables a diagnostic process adapted to industrial constraints, while delivering the only information useful for exercising an OEM battery warranty.

Guillaume Hebert
CEO de Moba

Why should you use Moba Certify Pro?

Heterogeneous degradation of batteries

Over time, the performance of the battery decreases, resulting in a loss of range for the vehicle. This phenomenon, known as battery ageing, can be very significant even after just a few years’ use, and varies enormously from one vehicle to another. Given that the traction battery accounts for a significant proportion of the total value of an electric vehicle (at least 30%), it’s easy to see why the state of health of the battery can have a major impact on the value of a used electric vehicle.

EV Battery degradations

The state of the battery: information that’s difficult to access

The Battery Management System (BMS) is the software responsible for controlling a traction battery. One of its missions is to measure the ageing of batteries, by calculating an SOH or, for certain brands, a degradation rate.

This information, although essential, is not simply made available by manufacturers. At best, a diagnostic tool (such as a suitcase) can provide access to relevant data, but only for certain vehicles. What’s more, this data is heterogeneous, making it difficult to understand for the operators who carry out the diagnostics, and even more so for the buyers of the vehicle.

Batterie EV

Moba Certify Pro, the solution compatible with 90% of the installed base

Moba Certify Pro unlocks access to battery health for over 90% of electric vehicles on the market. To simplify the diagnostic process and make it accessible to everyone, our team of engineers and developers meticulously study the battery and the Battery Management System (BMS) of each vehicle supported by our solution. This work, which takes several weeks per vehicle, gives your operators, sales staff or apprentices access to a rapid, standardised diagnostic process, regardless of the make or model of the vehicle being diagnosed.

Moba Certify Pro

Create optimized electric car ads!

Using our API, you can easily synchronize your DMS with our server to automatically include Moba certificates in your product data sheets. This will reassure your customers right from the start of their purchasing process.

What’s more, by using Moba EV Database, you can further enhance your listings by adding key information about the electrified models you sell, such as charging options, power and charging times, etc.

Moba Certify Pro

You are:

Remarketing expert

Diagnose and certify the battery of any electric vehicle, in less than 3 minutes, thanks to Moba Certify Pro

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Car dealership

Control your trade-ins, and improve your buyers’ experience with the battery certificate.

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Car leaser

Check the actual condition of your electric vehicles when they are returned, and control the value of your assets!

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