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Unlock the full potential of electric vehicle data


Our connected digital solutions help you make the transition to electric vehicles.




We transform electric vehicle data into value for our customers.
We collect, analyze and optimize.

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Find out how Moba Certify Pro helps Aramisauto recondition its used electric vehicles.

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Moba Certify Pro

Battery diagnostics for industries

Moba Certify Pro is the multi-brand software solution for the industrial diagnosis and certification of batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Moba Certify Pro is the first CARA Approved solution on the market.

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Why analyze electric vehicle data?

The arrival of the electric vehicle implies two major paradigm shifts. Firstly, the value of the vehicle rests primarily on one unique element: the battery. In an electric vehicle, the traction battery can account for up to 50% of the vehicle’s total value. Secondly, the use of the vehicle changes radically with an electric vehicle, as recharging at home or while roaming forces us to rethink the way we use a vehicle, particularly for long journeys.

By collecting and analyzing connected data from electric vehicles, we develop innovative solutions to support our customers in their ecological transition.

Moba, the electric vehicle data specialist

For the past 4 years, Moba has been collecting and analyzing data from several thousand electric vehicles. Our solutions are compatible with +90% of the electrified fleet, and enable us to collect the main data from electric vehicles:

  • State of charge (SOC) and range
  • OEM battery health status
  • Battery voltage, current and temperature
  • Speeds, accelerations

Our EV database contains over 4 billion items of data.