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Charge of the Seat Mii version : Electric

Max power
Charging time
Normal charge (AC)
7.4 kW
Type 2
HP charge (DC)
40 kW

Cost of charge for the Seat Mii version : Electric

Price for a full recharge
Peak Hours
2.40 € / 100 km*
Off-peak Hours
1.80 € / 100 km*

Battery of the Seat Mii version : Electric

The Seat Mii’s on-board lithium-ion battery consists of 17 modules of 12 cells each. In total, these 204 cells achieve a nominal voltage of 374 V and a nominal energy of 18.7 kWh. They provide a peak power rating of 61 KW and an average power rating of 40 KW. The battery’s cell modules have been integrated into the vehicle’s floor to save space.

This model owes its energy efficiency to a near-zero air penetration coefficient, optimized rolling resistance, energy-saving components and innovative trim modules, as well as a new energy-saving automatic climate control system.

In terms of range, the vehicles boast 130 km to 260 km on a single charge, according to the WLTP standard. Actual range may then depend on a number of factors: battery charge level, type of journey (freeway, city or mixed), use of air conditioning or heating, weather conditions, gradients…

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